About Robert J. McCulloch

bobRobert J. McCulloch graduated from Loyola High School in Los Angeles, California in 1970. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Southern California in 1974 and a Juris Doctorate from Vanderbilt University College of Law in 1978. Mr. McCulloch’s background in the sciences led him to the field of dental malpractice litigation in 1985, and he is widely regarded as the preeminent dental malpractice trial attorney representing injured dental patients in Southern California. Robert McCulloch is married to Joan McCulloch and they have 4 grown children. He has been active in the faith formation of teenagers for 32 years. He sings with the teen choir and has presented a Teen Stations of the Cross annually at St. Mel Parish, Woodland Hills, CA for the last 18 years. Here are Mr. McCulloch’s answers to the questions posed under “The Right Lawyer”:


1] What percentage of your caseload is dental malpractice?



2] How long has the primary focus of your practice been dental malpractice?

Since 1985


3] Do you have experience suing dentists and defending dentists?

Yes. Defending dentists (1985-1998) and representing injured dental patients (since 1985)


4] Do you handle your dental malpractice cases from the beginning through trial or do you refer your cases to a dental malpractice trial attorney if the case doesn't settle?

I am a sole practitioner who handles each case from the first client phone call through settlement or trial.


5] Do you act as a mediator of dental malpractice claims?



6] Have you ever given a presentation to any dental program or dental groups on issues of dental malpractice?

Yes, I present at universities and dental study groups.