What Attorneys Are Saying:


David O'Keefe, Esq., President and Managing Shareholder, Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, O'Keefe & Nichols

David O'Keefe

"In my opinion, Bob McCulloch is the best plaintiff dental malpractice attorney in Southern California. He knows dentistry inside and out and is an extremely effective trial attorney."





George Peterson, Partner, Peterson & Bradford
George Peterson

" As a defense counsel for over thirty years, I think I know how to take a pretty good deposition by this point.  Unfortunately, Bob McCulloch makes me doubt how good I actually am.  His ability to cross-examine health-care providers is, unfortunately, too good – from my stand point.  I tell my clients that they cannot prepare too much for a cross-examination by Bob McCulloch, and they never seem to believe me until it is all over. Bob knows how to analyze his cases with a precision that is as good as it gets.  He doesn’t mess around and waste time or money.  He goes for the meat of the case and looks for the clean win.  No wasted effort.  Carriers know he only takes the winners, retains the best experts, and he somehow always manages to persuade the defendants most resistant to settlement that perhaps trial isn’t the best option after all. When it comes to settlement discussions, Bob knows how to evaluate the verdict potential and the settlement value better than anyone I know.  As a result, you know there is no percentage in trying to dodge or duck; it’s best to deal straight-up and acknowledge the cards that are on the table.  He is absolutely professional every step of the way, although I sometimes think he could resist smiling so damn much when he takes my money. After trying a jury trial with Bob, I can state he is “almost” as good as I am.  I would never tell Bob he is just as good – I need that edge for the next time.


William C. Haggerty, is a founding partner of Ford, Walker, Haggerty & Behar, LLP
William Haggerty

"I have known Robert McCulloch for over 25 years.  I truly respect his thoughtfulness, intellect and integrity, both as an attorney and as a mediator.  His greatest assets are his patience and his ability to communicate with anyone, whether it is with a judge, another lawyer or a client.  I can always count on Bob to look at the facts, carefully evaluate them and be fair.  I hold him in the highest esteem as do all of his peers."


Edwin J. Zinman, D.D.S., J.D., periodontist/attorney, premier dental malpractice attorney of Northern California
Ed Zinman, DDS, JD

Mr. McCulloch has the unique background of representing both defendant dentists and patients. He is a respected mediator that both plaintiff and defense attorneys trust in evaluating dental negligence or dental injury cases. His many years of experience prove invaluable in cases in which he represents patients with dental injuries.



David J. Weiss, Law Offices of David J. Weiss

Robert McCulloch is one of the finest, most resourceful, and most skillful attorneys in California who specializes in the field of dental malpractice on behalf of patients who choose to assert claims of professional negligence.  Mr. McCulloch’s reputation in the legal community for handling matters related to dental malpractice claims from investigation through trial is superb.  Mr. McCulloch is respected by judges, insurance companies that provide coverage for malpractice claims in California , and by defense attorneys who have opposed him in court.  His knowledge of dentistry and experience in handling related professional issues is as impressive as his commitment to his individual client’s case.  Mr. McCulloch has earned and maintains an excellent standing amongst his professional peers as a forceful and effective advocate.



What Clients Are Saying:

John Haedrich, Client

I was fortunate to have Bob McCulloch as my dental malpractice attorney. His knowledge of dentistry is impressive and his cross-examination skills are so formidable that he was able to have the defense experts admit at trial that the defendant was negligent. Bob McCulloch is a consummate trial attorney who had the respect of defense counsel and everyone in the courtroom. Bob McCulloch is not only a great lawyer, he is a good person who is compassionate and caring about his clients. I consider him a friend who stood at my side during a very difficult ordeal. I highly esteem Bob McCulloch as a lawyer and a person and I wholeheartedly recommend him to you as your dental malpractice attorney.

Barbara Maaskant, Client
As a legal secretary working in Los Angeles, I have known Bob McCulloch for many years as a successful lawyer of outstanding ability, integrity and heart. When my sister approached me about making a Holocaust claim against the Federal Republic of Germany, I told her that reliving the nightmare we endured in the Nazi concentration camps would be too difficult for me to bear, unless Bob McCulloch would agree to represent us. Bob McCulloch specializes as a malpractice attorney, but I knew his intelligence, perseverance and humanity would  succeed in pulling the loose threads of our childhood memories into a coherent narrative supported by historical evidence. Bob McCulloch is a good lawyer, but more importantly he is a faith filled person who cared about me and helped me to work through my difficult experience in the concentration camps. After the success of our claim, I knew I was in a better place to deal with these old nightmares and my story has been preserved for future generations to know the truth of "Never Again!" Bob McCulloch is a "righteous gentile" and I can give no higher praise than that.



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