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Orothodontic Tools

Band Remover: A special plier which the orthodontist uses to remove bands from your teeth

Bite Stick: A device the orthodontist uses to help put on your bands. The orthodontist puts the band in place, then asks you to bite down on the bite stick to help push the band in place.

Cephalometric Viewer: An x-ray viewer

Cheek retractors: Small plastic pieces used to draw back your lips and cheeks so the orthodontist can more easily see you teeth and work in your mouth.

Curing Light: A special UV light used to help attach brackets to your teeth

Distal End Cutter: A special plier used to cut off the ends of your arch wires.

Explorer: a hook-like fine pointed instrument used in examining the teeth.

Interproximal Stripper: A device used to remove some of the enamel from the spaces between your teeth. The stripper is used to create extra space for crowded teeth.

Mathieu Plier: A special plier which locks when it closes so it holds on to small parts.

Pin and Ligature Cutter: A special plier use to cut off arch wires, ligatures etc.

Scaler: A tool with a curved hook on one end. The orthodontist uses the scaler to remove excess cement, and check for gaps.

Twirl On: A device used to help place ligating modules on brackets.


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