Numb Tongue – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

numb tongueA numb tongue or a tingling sensation that may be described as prickles or pins and needles in the tongue is not an uncommon occurrence. It is usually accompanied by a slight burning or pain. When your tongue becomes numb or senseless, it cannot feel, taste or sense pressure. This condition can be due to many reasons.


There are many reasons and causes associated with a numb tongue. A nerve infection, certain vitamin deficiencies, infection or wound, multiple sclerosis or any other reason associated with the nervous system. At times, prolonged illnesses, poor dental hygiene, gum disease and oral infections can cause a tingling tongue. Though the intensity of the problem differs with the various causes, it has to be treated on time to avoid any other complications.

Symptoms of Numb Tongue

Senselessness in tongues can occur along with many other symptoms, which may or may not be prominent. While a couple of them are very obvious, the others may be unnoticeable. A few of the most common symptoms include muscle weakness and pain, convulsions and seizure, pain or twitching in the facial tissue, sudden change or dullness in taste, blurred vision and pain in the facial muscles.

Numb tongue can also be caused due to severe nerve injuries or accidents. A faulty dental treatment, fracture of the jaw, tumors in the mouth and facial surgery can lead to senselessness in the tongue.

A few symptoms are related to diseases, which intensify the situation. Persistent headaches, strokes, seizures, an unhealthy thyroid, too much consumption of alcohol, side effects of prolonged medication, exposure to radiation, heavy metal poisoning and many more dominant health issues can lead to numbness in tongues.

Cure and Remedies

Whenever you feel numbness in your tongue, immediately seek medical help. Any associated symptom such as blurred vision, trouble in speaking, twitching facial muscles and so on should be reported to your doctor immediately.

The treatment for numb tongue is based on the root cause of the problem. If you suspect that the numb tongue symptoms occured after a dental visit, you may be the victim of dental negligence. Your doctor can check you thoroughly for the main reason and help treat you accordingly. If you find that it was due to a dental treatment, you can seek to protect your rights with the help of a dental malpractice attorney. McCulloch Law specializes in numb tongue dental injury legal cases. We have help clients in Southern California get their life back to normal since 1985.